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Word's table of contents feature only seems like magic. The truth is, you have control--simply toggle the table of contents to its underlying field code and If you delete this switch, the field hyperlinks only the page numbers.
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The caption package provides some means to automate this placement. If you're interested in referencing the caption since it comes with an appropriate number, like Table 2. However, if all of this is too much, and you don't care about referencing the table, or even something like a "List of Tables" a table of contents for your tables , or even a table number, you could just do the following:. The minipage will ensure that the contents remains in a fixed block so that your caption doesn't end up on a page that your tabular is not.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Caption on tabular environment Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 2 months ago. Active 2 years, 5 months ago. Viewed k times. David Carlisle k 46 46 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Dimitris Leventeas Dimitris Leventeas 3 3 gold badges 7 7 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. I didn't want to include this in my answer, as it is more of an opinion than an answer, but I would highly recommend that you allow your tables and figures to float. Floats allow LaTeX to form beautiful pages. Without floats you can get very ugly page breaks. This explains how scientists can make claims about the very large and small objects using a system of claims already accepted to be true.

The theory is the belief that a proposition is true to the extent that it agrees with other true propositions. In contrast with the correspondence theory's emphasis on an independent reality, this view supposes that reliable beliefs constitute an inter-related system, each element of which entails every other. Thus, such idealists as Bradley, Bosanquet, and Blanshard all defended versions the coherence theory. READ: Theory, its variations and criticisms of it.

TRUTH is a property of a related group of consistent statements. Truth is systemic coherence of propositions interconnectedness of beliefs. Consistent error is possible? The theory is the belief that a proposition is true when acting upon it yields satisfactory practical results. As formulated by William James, the pragmatic theory promises in the long term a convergence of human opinions upon a stable body of scientific propositions that have been shown in experience to be successful principles for human action.

Examines how beliefs work in practice, the practical difference. Truth of a belief is determined by evaluating how well the belief satisfies the whole of human nature over a long period of time: how well does it WORK? What are its consequences? What difference do the beliefs make if they are true? TRUTH is whatever has met a society's criteria for justification.

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For pragmatists like Richard Rorty there is no objective truth at all. Science is just one of many groups with its own rules and criteria. As there are multiple groups with different criteria there can be multiple truths. Rorty 's neopragmatism, antifoundationalism , argues against any quest for ultimate reality or Platonic absolutes such as "Truth," "Goodness,".

Rorty advocates turning away from these impossible standards, instead embracing a pragmatic and contingent view of truth in all human endeavors". Thus he's called an antifoundationalist because he rejects the existence of any real or objective foundations for human knowledge, i. See Rorty's book, Consequences of Pragmatism. Rorty thus is emphasizing the nature of all human knowledge as "made" rather than "found. On Rorty :.

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Consequences of Pragmatism. What is justified for one community to believe may not be true!!!! How to explain errors?

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Self Refuting basic Claims:. The pragmatic theory makes the claims that :. If these claims are true then they would refute themselves. If all claims are true only within a community that accepts them as true then the claims above a to d are only true within the communities that accept them as being true by whatever criteria they use and think has been satisfied. Pragmatists overlook a number of things. There are different types of claims and it is only the empirical, aesthetic and ethical claims that appear to be troublesome.

The empirical claims can be resolved as to their accuracy. Peirce held that there was but one reality. This is particularly true for empirical claims. However there are many post modernist pragmatists who have abandoned the idea of an objective truth and objective knowledge. On Island A the people there are quite happy with the belief that they have souls that will survive the death of their bodies.

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  • They think that they have experiences that support that belief and they are satisfied with what the belief provides for them. On Island B the people there are quite happy with the belief that they do not have souls that will survive the death of their bodies. Now according to the postmodern relativist position if the people on each island are satisfied and happy with their beliefs, then what they believe is true and what they think are real are real.

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    The result would be that on Island A people have souls and on Island B people do not have souls. Is this belief that at the same time people have souls and do not have souls a belief that you can accept? Can you hold that at the same time some people have souls and some people do not have souls? If objectivity is rejected, every groups claims would be equal!!

    2. Neo-Pragmatic Theories of Truth

    So the claims of the following ideologies would be true: racism, sexism, Nazism, etc According to this post modern theory of truth all claims are ideologies. Must all claims be accepted as true at once? With empirical claims how can it be that there would not be some basis for truth that would rule out inconsistent and contradictory claims from all being true at once? How could it be true that the earth would be flat and spherical at the same time? Even with claims about non-physical entities, how could it be that there are more than one truth as when :.

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    • Group A thinks it is true that people have souls. Group B thinks that there are no souls. How can the claims to truth for both group A and group B be true at the same time? There are those influenced by the postmodern relativist position who think or believe or want to believe that there can be more than one truth at the same time. They believe that there can be multiple simultaneous truths.

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