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She does not have to work hard to prove herself because she is already special by virtue of her past life; Hart even makes her a princess to emphasize this specialness by birth rather than the hard-won skills that made book-Mina so important to the Crew of Light and the narrative. While Mina is a hardworking and determined woman, she also makes sure to assuage any potential threats her intellect and capability might pose to the male characters and Victorian gender roles by making it clear that she is cultivating these skills for Jonathan and not herself.

She is immediately presented as a romantic object instead of being allowed to list her skills. When she appears again she is at a typewriter typing her diary but makes no explanation for this skill. This way the inevitable rift that will have to occur in order for Mina to choose to love Dracula even though he kills and rapes Lucy will be somewhat less jarring. They are also shown to be visually very different through their costumes.

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Her bright red hair is also completely down to emphasize that she is more free and less restrained the Mina both literally and sexually. Even from the beginning the film wants to visually emphasize a difference between Lucy and Mina, whereas the book emphasized their closeness despite a difference in class and temperament. The difference between the two is also a source of a jealousy in the film that does not exist in the book. Her specialness is validated by her tears literally turning to diamonds.

She has gone from Mina living for Jonathan to Elisabeta living for Dracula forever. She is reduced to this love for him. God forgive me but I do.

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Her love for him and desire to be with him forever also undo any relationship she might have had with Jonathan despite her love for him in the beginning of the movie where she is disappointed that he is leaving for Transylvania on business. There is nothing of Mina left in this character. This movie has created a Mina that is impossible to be victimized by Dracula because she can never say no to him. The rape-like connotations of the feeding scene are completely reversed as it is Mina who is coercing Dracula into letting her feed from him. Divorcing Mina from the scenario in which she was allowed to shine, aiding the vampire hunt with her recordkeeping skills and sharp intellect, takes away those particular qualities.

She even sides with Dracula over the Jonathan in the final battle which makes it look like she only went along with them to get closer to her love and like they only brought her along to hypnotize her to act as a vampire tracking device. Mina gets the final kill but only because it is the only way left to redeem herself and Dracula.

Our love is stronger than death. The last shot of the movie is of the painting of Elisabeta and Dracula together on the chapel ceiling, implying that their love is a religion of its own.

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